• Private Offerings

    Do you want to invest in startups or other private companies before they go public?

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    Private Offerings
  • SEC Rules

    SEC rules require verification of your accredited investor status before you can invest in private offerings of securities involving a general solicitation.

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    SEC Rules
  • Get Verified

    We verify your status as an accredited investor quickly and securely.

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    Get Verified

We provide third-party verification of accredited investor status quickly and securely.

We verify your status as an “accredited investor,” as defined under SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D.  We securely store your information so we can act as your trusted certification provider for all your investments.  Once verified, we will provide certification by a lawyer to securities issuers at your request.

  • securities issuers receive certification only, not your financial data
  • we protect your data with state-of-the-art encryption
  • we never share your data with anyone

Don’t get left out of the next round…Get Verified Now!

U.S. securities laws require securities issuers to verify financial information about their investors in private placements involving a general solicitation. See SEC Release 33-9415. Instead of providing this highly sensitive information to each securities issuer, we will maintain your information in strict confidence and not share it with anyone (see our very strict Privacy Policy).  We will provide a high-level certification to the securities issuer without disclosing the details.